BoHo Baby Tank

Feminine AND appropriate! What a great combo....I'd misgvings as I thought it may be too revealing -- No!....Very "use-able"...Have worn BoHo Baby to meetings with black skirt & shrug-like top, black pants with duster-like jacket & pearls, & of course, with jeans & capris...Am in an environment which is quite conservative (Federal Gov't) & this fits in - remarkably so. Ruffle's wonderful & flattering.


Chocolate Kiss Tunic

I just wore this top for Thanksgiving and it was embarrassing how many compliments I got! Everyone from 25 to 75 kept commenting on how cute my top was. I agree! I'm very satisfied on the cut, color and comfort of this top. It's a little heavier material than the summer tops, so I won't be too chilly in the winter months either. Thanks for such a top-notch product.


Grape Crush

Gals - Young & ones-not-so-young!...I can tell you first hand this is such a Versatile piece! Goes with so much & like most HJs pieces, can be (& without much effort, a key in my crazy-too-busy life) dressed up or down. I do know this top not only FLATTERS one's figure - & I'm definitely pear-shaped rather than apple, its comfort level is remarkable....If you can stand more, this piece should come with a warning label -- please know you will get perfect strangers coming up to you to ask where you bought this "fun, really different yet not-too-out-there" top. This one's a no-brainer....Will buy more of this delightful top whenever new colours arrive or my current ones wear out.


Viva la Vest 

Viva la Vest - You bet! Ciao baby! Wore this everywhere & I do mean everywhere - The night before I went on a long awaited trip overseas this past spring, I went through my wardrobe (again) & decided to take it along. My 1st night in Rome while having dinner, a French couple complemented me on my "lovely Italian" vest! (I thought I've gotta tell HandJive about this)....It seemed I reached for VLVest a great many times as it went with lots of what I brought- dressy pants & blouse, jeans & a t-shirt, a simple long sleeved dress...It's a nice weight & if you've never taken Handjive clothes on a trip, you're in for a delightful surprise...they're the best...


Pure Intention Top

 Soft! Talk about soft! This top's simply like wearing your pj's though way more stylish.... A flattering cut -- bias lines, along with its fun buttons, frame your face which is not something I considered when I purchased Pure Intention Top...thanks for putting such thought into your clothing Handjive!


Lacy Days (Cream) Jacket

It's like wearing snowflakes - The perfect summer top/jacket! - Thanks HandJive!! Don't know about the rest of you, but I'm not crazy about having my arms "out there"; this is sooooo much more than simply a way to cover them...What a wonderful piece...Fantastic for when you're in summer airconditioning...The fabric's rather stretchy which is great 'cause I don't have to continually roll up the arms...Have worn Lacy Days Cream to a wedding, to work, & girls night out....Was so delighted, have bought HandJive's other summer light weight jackets - I travel a bunch & these jackets roll up beautifully, take up No space in your luggage, & arrive looking like a million buck$...


Moody Blue Tunic 

LOVE it! Fits great, washes well, and VERY comfortable!


Posey Scarf (white)

a wonderful unique soft scarf. Functional with pockets and the flower very in fashion.


Black Cutie Top

The name for this top is spot on - this is fun to wear !


Flower Power Dress

Absolutely adorable. True to size and so happy and youthful. This is the tenth Hand Jive garment I have purchased and slowly am buildig up to an entire Hand Jive wardrobe. The articles are not only made well, but are so easy maintenance...just throw them in the washing machine and they come out beautifully. Viva la Hand Jive!!!!! 


Lorax Dress

I like this dress because I can go casual (my normal for the summer) or dress it up if need be. And the back of this dress is the best!


Blue X Two Tank

Great vacation staple- 2 tops in 1. I like both of the prints and it fits great. Another fantastic purchase from you.


Sunny Tank (Monkeys)

aww, the little monkeys are too cute ( and not super obvious) very light and breezy, though no stretch to this..a purrfect summer piece ; )


Dottie Tank

truly a sweet top, the turquoise finish keeps it a rung above the rest... i found it to be more fitted and would suggest ordering a size larger than you normally would...


Slinky Tank (black)

LOVE this top, it has become my go everywhere, over and under anything favorite... super packable and very presentable, i intend to have each colour, Soon !! 


Lacy Days (Brown) Jacket 

Don't hesitate! This Lacy Days Brown's such a versatile piece -- & even prettier in person!...The brown's a chocolate/expresso color & you'll love its length..Don't know about you, but need help covering my arms during this hot season which's a challenge as I don't need nor want anything that'll make me even hotter... Now I can truly look put together during the Dog Days of Summer -- Lacy Days works beautifully!! So come on the 3 h's = hazy, hot & humid!! I can take the heat wearing this versatile pretty piece!!!...I've already worn with fun sandals & sleeveless hot pink dress...Thanks again, you gals @ Handjive! Keep up the fabulous fashions...


Carousel Cardigan 

Its as lovely as I expected. Its the first time I have not bought from you in person but I know your quality and your beautiful things are always perfect for eclectic me! I have purchased so many of your things over the years and they never fail to get compliments. I don't like to look like everyone else and thats why I love HAND JIVE.


Lacy Days (Brown) Jacket

Wonderful slip on summer jacket - thanks Handjive! Very pretty on - have worn dressed up & down + versatile plus....daughter AND granddaughter already borrowed!!...need to get their own! My husband even commented on it - now that's saying something (he's a civil engineer)...


Angle Ruffle Skirt (Jungle)

Angle ruffle skirts are good to wear because it gives style to the one who will wear it. It makes you look sexy because of the slit beside it.


Carousel Cardigan

Have not been able to see/buy your wonderful things for a couple of years at shows so decided to order this gorgeous cardigan from your e-store and as with all things I have from Hand Jive I was thrilled with it. Its eclectic like me! I have an entire wardrobe of your clothes and they always draw complments.


Good Vibrations Dress

Excellent quality. True to size. Much cuter on! I was a little fearful when I first received it as I am not a real bright colorful person. (prefer blacks and whites) It is adorable, I love it. I would purchase multiple dresses of this style with different fabric. I just got 'introduced' to your awesome clothing through my artist friend Miky Cunningham! I hope I wear your clothes half as well as she does!!


Twist & Shout Vest

What a terrific vest -- not only does it look great (it's very forgiving), it's a wonderful weight - light but with a presence...Love it! Makes me look a bit taller,'s become a favorite already - thanks Handjive!


I Love Purple Sweater

I love, love, LOVE this sweater! The fit is great and the material is so comfortable. It's my fav!


Dr Zhivago Coat 2

I have this coat-got it last Nov. EVERY SINGLE time I wear it people stop me to say they "love it!"


Cerulean Smock Top

I love this top, it is so fun and flattering. I have10 pcs and this top is one of my favorites. I am 53 years old and I fell in love with Hand JIve clothes. I will keep ordering, I love having a unique wardrobe.


Lacy Days Top (black) 

What a versatile piece this is...Am planning to wear when it gets hot which won't be too long.....Always trying to find something light weight which'll cover my arms -not my best feature! - something other than summer jackets, shrugs or dusters...Works great over a sleeveless dress, sleeveless (or cap sleeved) top with jeans, or a blouse with office-work pants (tried all of these). The descriptions' oh-so-right...fabric makes this top pop! - lovely peek-through which I know will be comfortable when temp rises & the lovely (!) humdity right along with...A good purchase...


Maybelline Top

What a super staple to one's wardrobe. Not the same-o same-o black top...Eyelash fabric's a splash of color without the color!!....A bit of fyi - this top tends to runs small...


Swirl Coat

What a surprise this was! I'm trying on all sorts of things @ Handjive's booth & thought I'd give this a go. Wow - Swirl Coat looks great! However, what I loved most was seeing all ages of women trying on clothes - More of an eye-opener was observing first hand how great they are on all age groups....Young women in their 20's & 30's were holding HJ clothing in their arms waiting for "rooms" to try pieces on, while women in their 40 through 70's were having a grand time relishing the wear-ability, variety, AND, thank goodness, at long last, fashion-fun appropriateness for this age group rarely found in even the most upscale, "fashion conscious" & well known of shops/stores. Every bit age appropriate on middle aged women & on up (remarkable) as those decades younger....let's just say it was quite a surprise to see this, as the saying goes, up close & personal..Whatever magic you all do @ Handjive, PLEASE keep it up! Ps...oh yes, already know Swirl Coat will become one of the "work-horses" in my wardrobe...thanks to you all ~ Keep up the magic ~


Back In The USSR Coat

Recently purchased this at a Craft Fair where, thankfully, Handjive was an exhibitor...Wasn't looking for a medium weight coat, however, wound up buying this lovely one!...I'm shaped more like an inverted light bulb - a bit more hips than shoulders...Didn't think this would work -- Surprise-a flattering fit...Soft & cuddly comfortable ...Hard to tell it's weight from the try to describe the weight... it's kind of like good batting for a quilt you're making & a tad heavier...USSR's a wonderful neutral color which isn't black, brown, navy - certainly all tried-&-true neutrals, but this time of the year & where I live, soooo tired of seeing these stalwarts!!!.... Throw in USSR's flattering stand up collar & it's being remarkably soft - I was a goner...PS If you're deciding between one size or another, I'd advise going up...Hope this helps - What a fun coat! Thanks Handjive!


Tri-Color Coat

What a marvelous piece! Rec'vd last week & have worn it several times since. The semi-shawl neck's lovely & fun colours give it a real pop!...Very flattering on...Per usual with my Handjive clothes, I've already been asked where I bought it. Photos don't truly do it justice...worn it with solid colour dress, a jean skirt & leggings, & of course, jeans...Don't hesitate -- you'll be happy!


Laura Elgey - I LOVE LOVE LOVE your fun mad arty clothing. Have been following you for years when I used to live in Indy. The highlight for my trip from England was to raid your booth when you were at Louisville in June this year. 

Lei Gartland - Unique ( I always receive such nice compliments), Comfortable & Easy Maintenance 

Mary Neff - People notice my unique style! I always tell where to find Hand Jive.

Jerelee Basist - People always stop me on the street and tell me they like my style... 

Julie Tiller - I LOVE Hand Jive Clothing. Their clothes are UNIQUE. . When I wear one of their dresses I feel BEAUTIFUL. And their tops make you feel so PRETTY. Thank you for making clothes that are so much FUN to wear.

Slinky Tank (violet) 

Awesome. Your clothes are so flattering and stylish for both young and old. Thanks for making us look good!


Museum Dress

When it is about 5 cm (2 inches) above the ankle it is called tea length and when it is almost touching the ankle it is called ballerina length, although ballerina length dresses usually fall into the evening gown category.


Matrix Coat (black)

 I love this coat, I thought it would add to my hips but it doesn't! I'm going to order one for my sister in Atlanta.


Slinky Tank (violet)

Enjoyed meeting you & shopping at your booth last weekend at the 'One of a Kind' Show in Chicago at the Merchandise Mart. Hope you are there again next year!


Tomato Bisque Dress

Adorable! I just received my dress and as always with Hand Jive- I LOVE IT! The color is rich and the fit is great. Hand Jive dresses always hit you in all the right places while giving style to those areas that don't need too much attention :-) Thank you, Hand Jive!


I Love Purple Sweater 

I LOVE PURPLE SWEATER - is right! The color's terrific!.... I'm a bit hippie (in this case, I'm not referring to the 1960's) this "sweater" fits beautifully. As the description states, it's cut a bit roomy- though not overtly so. Having bought several HandJive pieces, it's apparent there's thought behind them - generous where they need to be, yet pieces thankfully show shape, definition, & style...This sweater's a good autumn, winter, & early spring weight for those of us in the mid-Atlantic states. When it's really cold, I've worn ILPS with a tight fitting turtle neck - keeps me toasty warm without losing its pizzazz.