Choosing and Packing Clothes for Your Fall Weekend Getaway

Choosing and Packing Clothes for Your Fall Weekend Getaway

Posted by Dawn DeSanto on 29th Nov 2017

Of all of my skills, one I am most proud of is my ability to pack well. I know it seems silly, but how often have you had to check a heavy bag, and then wear less than half of what you brought? Or worse, you get to your destination only to find that everything is wrinkled? Well, that will be your reality no more! Here is a quick guide to packing for a Fall weekend getaway.

What Clothes to Pack

For a two-night trip, you can easily get away with only two bottoms, either two pants or one pants and one skirt or dress. For tops, one with short sleeves and one with long sleeves are all you need, especially if they layer well.

Since fall often brings a mix of warm days and chilly nights, you'll want to pack a cover-up, which can double as another top. You can wear a light sweater or jacket over long-sleeve or short-sleeve tops to give you just the right amount of coverage. Also, a pair of leggings under a tunic or dress works wonders to keep your legs warm.

Fabrics That Travel Well

Look for fabrics that are lightweight and dry quickly. They should also be wrinkle-resistant, even when packed tightly. Cotton blended with polyester or rayon is a good choice; this combo combines the breathability of cotton with the drape and comfort of rayon and polyester. And it's easy-care; just wash and dry. Also note that the fabric construction is as important as the fiber content; knits wrinkle less and can be more comfortable than wovens. We often hear from customers that our pieces are their go-to travel wear, as they are easy to care for, and difficult to wrinkle. We agree!

Selecting Shoes

Choosing which shoes to take on a weekend trip can be problematic, especially if your plans include such disparate activities as hiking and going out on the town. Luckily, current fashion trends favor shoes that are both stylish and comfortable, so you should be able to find a walking flat that's pretty enough for an evening out. If you absolutely must take more than one pair, wear the bulkiest while you're traveling and pack a pair of ballet flats for dress-up.

Packing to Maximize Space

Now that you've chosen what you need to take, follow these pro packing tips to maximize the space in your bag.

Roll Your Clothes

Rolling is truly is the best way to pack. Not only does it maximize space, it also minimizes wrinkles. Regular travelers have their preferred technique, be it plain rolling, military-style rolling or the "clown car" method. Choose the one that makes the most sense for your clothes.

Use Packing Cubes

Once your pieces are rolled up nicely, pack them into cubes to keep them tightly in place.

Consider Resealable Bags and Compression

If you really want to save space, consider packing your clothes into resealable bags, then compressing the air out. Only do this if you're sure the fabric won't wrinkle or you can relax the wrinkles while you shower.

Well, now that you have all of my packing tips, you should book a little vacation to try them out! ;) And remember, the less clothing you bring, the more room in your suitcase to bring home goodies and special finds.