How to Style a Tunic

6th Dec 2017

How to Style a Tunic

Tunics are the greatest thing to ever happen to older women, second only to Spanx. They are amazing, dynamic pieces that can take you seamlessly from day to night. However, tunics can easily look frumpy if they aren’t styled right. So, since we are all about tunics here at Hand Jive, we decided to make a quick “cheat-sheet” for how to style a tunic without looking like you’re hiding something (even if you are!)

1. Pair it with a slim pant

One of our favorite things about tunics is that you can wear them with leggings, and still look put together. A+ for comfort! Still not into leggings? Pair your tunic with skinny jeans, or a slim fitting pant. We don’t recommend bell bottoms- it can throw off proportions and draw attention to common problem areas.

2. Balance the billow

There is no denying it- tunics are billowy! Balance it out with a cute statement pendant, or by throwing a belt over it but do not do both! Choose one or the other, or it will be far too much “look”


3. Try flowy pants- if you’re brave!

Okay, this sounds crazy- but we have seen it done well! Plus, it is insanely comfortable. If you’re going for a pattern on top, go for a solid on bottom, and vice versa- this will break up the look a bit. Additionally, pair with a statement necklace to look effortlessly stylish!

4. Hiding your middle? Go for a V-Neck

V-necks can create the illusion that your torso is even longer and leaner than it is. Plus they draw attention up to your face- which we love!