Dawn Marie Art

Most of you wouldn't know that before HandJive, I had another business for about 15 years — "Dawn Marie."  

I had a bad accident as a child at 8 years old. So bad, in fact, that the doctors had scheduled amputation for my right arm. Thanks to my determined parents, fabulous doctors, and prayer, my arm was saved. As a right handed person, I had to learn to switch to my left hand. My amazing oldest sister bought me a paint set during this difficult transition and I learned to express my feelings through my art. I stared selling my work at around 13 and it became a career around 24. I started as a painter, but my first class in Printmaking had me hooked on a new medium.  

I sold my prints ( mixed media etchings ) for over 15 years, along with original paintings. My husband Tym managed the business and we wholesaled to over 800 galleries at one point. Makes me tired to think of it now, as we were also raising our family at that time (and Tym also pursued many other things including a stint on reality TV!) 

Around 40, I was burnt out and started Hand Jive Clothing company with a good friend. Moving to Nashville over 3 years ago gave Hand Jive a whole new look.

So fast forward to now...the pandemic has given me time to refocus on my visual art again. I started this new series and am offering it on my Website. I hope to grow this collection, plus add older pieces that are still available. I'm also developing some new products featuring my Dawn Marie imagery.

I would enjoy your feedback, if you're interested. Just email me at

Series #1  — Be at Peace 

This series is based on a print from a linoleum block I carved. This print is hand rolled and adhered to a painted and printed canvas. Handmade papers, tissue paper and collected papers are added along with watercolor, gold ink and some with added coins. A strong Asian influence is apparent. It has a hanger on the back and is ready to hang.

In my search for peace these days, I find the calm and beauty of this women's face to encourage my own raging emotions. The balance of patterns, textures and color encourage me to embrace who I know I want to become.

#1, #2, #5, #6, #7
Dimensions: 12 1/2" x 12 1/2"
Shipping $20 

#3, #4, #8, #9
Dimensions: 10 1/2" x 20 1/2"
Shipping $20