Hippie Dress Long — Pongo

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Two years ago, I made this hippie dress in a black-and-white combo and it sold so well! I had a little more of black-and-white fabrics left, so I have made another run. There aren’t too many in this run, so if you’d like the black-and-white hippie, now is the time to get it! There are a few of the older ones left. They are called Perdita, but are not available in many sizes. The bust on the Perdita has a textured black fabric, but on the Pongo it is a smooth black.

Fun fact: Pongo and Perdita are the mom and dad dalmatians in 101 Dalmatians!

The Hippie Dress in Pongo looks perfect paired with the black Stevie. My sister Linda is 76 and rocking this look!!